Writing an Analysis Paper Outline

But before we begin talking about an analysis paper outline, we should pay attention to the definition of an analytical paper. Actually, it is logical – and an analytical paper is a paper that analyzes a certain text. But always keep in mind that it is not a summary. So if you need to write an analytical essay on a book, it should not be a book report. In other words, it should not just summarize the events. It should analyze them.
The structure of your analytical essay needs to have three parts: introduction, main body, and conclusion. Now let’s see what information you should include in each one of these parts in your analysis paper outline. In case you lack time or resources, you are free to request custom book review at https://essays-panda.com/custom-book-review. It's possible to include an order based on any topic you wish.

Here you can get to know the best topics to consider.


This part must have the following points (keep in mind that they will be the building blocks for your paper):

  • Something that will hook your readers and draw their attention to your paper. It should be something interesting, like a rhetorical question, a quote, or surprising statistics.
  • A thesis statement is the main idea of your essay that you will analyze throughout the paper.
  • A couple of sentences that describe how you are going to prove your thesis. These sentences should back up your thesis statement and make the reader interested.

Main body

In this part, show your creative side and support your thesis statement.
Here are the three things that should be present in your outline:

  • You need to have a solid topic sentence in each one of your body paragraphs. This is a sentence that tells the reader the main information in this section. In other words, write as many topic sentences in your outline as many paragraphs you are going to have.
  • Present a claim that will give more information about your topic sentence. Do the same for each paragraph you are going to write.
  • Give evidence to back up your claims. You may use quotes from the book or paraphrase the ideas.
  • Connect your evidence to your topic sentence. Make sure that the evidence will be clear for the reader as this is what makes it an analytical essay.

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