Good PowerPoint Presentation Topics

It’s a well-known fact that college as well as university students ought to present many presentations to pass the course needed for acquiring your degree. Picking a relevant topic for your presentation or essay that will grab the attention of your audience is really significant. Of course, sometimes it might be difficult, it's not something quick and simple like children book ideas with their black-white morality.

Here you can get to know the best topics to consider.

Topics on technology

  • Is there is a risk of the internet killing print media?
  • Websites about terrorism activities that write essays have been heightened by the Internet
  • Benefits that have been brought to our life because of Wi-Fi
  • Is India progressive in software development?
  • Tips on conserving energy by using electronic devices
  • Ways of disposing of outdated electronics
  • How e-waste can damage your health
  • How technology influences the learning process
  • Suggestions regarding creating a digital signature

Ideas on environment

  • How plastic recycling is important
  • Global warming
  • Conservation of soil
  • The 3R’s (recycle, reuse, reduce): their importance
  • Green technology
  • Use of natural gas in industry
  • Harvesting of rainwater
  • Planting of the trees, its impact on food security
  • How green fuel affects nature

Business Topics

  • How to set a goal
  • Balance of work-life
  • Simplifying your daily schedule
  • Techniques concerning time management
  • How we can take advantage of telemarketing
  • Business communication
  • Headhunting
  • Organization and its organogram
  • Business ethics

Topics on science

  • Ways of calculating Earth’s lif
  • Cosmetic surgery and its risks
  • How yoga steps can help you in controlling your life
  • Do UFOs exist?
  • Principles according to which Google functions
  • Introduction to string theory
  • Have black holes disappeared?
  • Start of an avalanche
  • The power colors have
  • Bermuda triangle: miracle or science

Topics on sport

  • Can protective headgear really prevent your head from injuring
  • Which types of reaction can drugs that enhance performance have on the body
  • Basics of competitive strategy
  • Advantages of sports
  • Recommendations on raising of your metabolism
  • How to evaluate nutritional supplements
  • The importance of dairy products for a sports active person
  • How to plan your meal being an athlete
  • Suggestions on managing your weight

Topics on agriculture

  • What role IT plays in agriculture
  • Green manure and its effects
  • Steps in permaculture
  • Engineering of food
  • Changes regarding climate and agriculture
  • How wind power can be used for pumping water

Topics on history and art

  • Impact of cultural imperialism
  • Results of the french revolution 1798 regarding Egypt
  • Making a case for exoticness
  • Oriental art introduction
  • How slave trade got abolished in the USA
  • Reforms in the sphere of education in the US
  • Women’s right

Topics on lifestyle

  • Dating online and its risks
  • How technology influences relationships
  • Positive sides of social networks
  • Balancing between being a mother and a wife
  • Why you ought to donate blood
  • Effects of sex, drugs as well as rock and roll

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