We choose jewelry for a gift to a girl

All women and girls, without exception, love to receive jewelry as a gift. Products made of precious metals - gold, platinum, silver, are presented as a surprise, and bring a lot of positive emotions to ladies of any age. But at the same time, it is very important to choose an ornament that will appeal to your woman, so that she can wear it with pride, and tell her friends how attentive and generous her chosen one is while showing off a cute trinket. On our ukrburshtyn.com website, you will find a large selection of jewelry for your chosen one, it can be rings, chains, earrings and much other jewelry.

Годинник з бурштину

Dear men, do not think that if a woman likes jewelry, then she is a mercantile person. No way. First, the desire for jewelry has been formed for centuries, and it is, as they say, in the blood. And secondly, if a man gives jewelry to a girl, it means that he loves her very much - this is our way of thinking. Feminine.

How to choose a surprise gift without knowing all the advantages of your chosen one? It is necessary to take a closer look at what jewelry she wears: massive, elegant, classic, or avant-garde. You can also observe how a girl reacts to other women's jewelry: what she likes and what she dislikes.

Зелений бурштин

Jewelry for a girl should be selected, taking into account the following factors:

  • eye and hair color. Brown-eyed brunettes like warm colors, blue-eyed blondes like cold ones;

  • build. Slender women are better suited to sophisticated jewelry, fat women are more suited to massive jewelry;

  • age. Many young girls prefer silver jewelry, while older women choose gold;

  • nature. Avant-garde products are suitable for cheerful, active, and sociable girls, and classic ones are suitable for calm and balanced girls.

    Since it is the prerogative of official bridegrooms and husbands to give gold jewelry, let's focus on silver ones, which will be appropriate always and everywhere: they can be presented to a wife, girlfriend, mother, sister, colleague, or friend. Recently, the combination of silver and amber has become very fashionable - such accessories impress both blondes and brunettes.

    Silver chains and necklaces. The optimal length of such products is 45-50 centimeters. For young ladies, you need to choose thin, neat chains with amber pendants, for older women - silver necklaces with massive gemstones.

    If you decide to buy earrings as a gift, pay attention to the shape of the jewelry, since silver pendant earrings are suitable for round faces, and round or geometric earrings for ladies with oval or elongated faces. For girls with a neat short haircut, it is best to buy small silver earrings with delicate amber stones.

    Pendants with the image of zodiac signs are an excellent gift option, especially if the girl is interested in astrology. Such a pendant can be worn on a chain or attached to a bracelet.

    A silver ring with an amber stone is a great choice. The main thing when buying a ring is to choose the right size and design. Regarding the massiveness of the ring - again, for girls with delicate thin fingers, a thin one with a small stone can be recommended, and for full, feminine hands - a more massive product.

    Камінь бурштин

    Choosing the right jewelry is not an easy task, but the reward for your efforts will be a radiant smile and a happy twinkle in your eyes. Then you will understand that it is very nice to give jewelry, and you will want to do it again!


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